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Crazy! PC manufacturers announced price increase at the same time!


    From South Korea LG Chemical Lishui plant to Zhenjiang Qimei, the shutdown and maintenance of each large factory represents that the price of a chemical raw material will soar again!

    PC has been rising since mid October. In November, the prices of PC and upstream raw materials continued to rise sharply. The factors influencing the rise of various products were deeply intertwined, and the industrial chain market rose hand in hand. Recently, Zhenjiang Qimei PC stopped production due to failure, which is to add a firewood to the rise of PC!

    According to industry news, the price increase of PC manufacturers soared to 1700-4000 yuan / ton on the 16th.

    Dafeng chemical increased 1700 yuan / ton, up 8.8%

    China blue National Plastics increased 2500 yuan / ton, up 13.0%

    Lihua yiweiyuan increased 2800 yuan / ton, up 15.4%;

    The price of plastic PC products of Wanhua chemical was adjusted twice in an hour, increasing by 4000 yuan / ton to 24500 yuan / ton, or nearly 20%.

   As we all know, bisphenol A and DMC are the main raw materials of PC processes, and the upstream bisphenol A and DMC markets continue to rise, supporting the high price operation of PC.

    If there are too many mismatches between the top-down supply and demand side of the PC industry chain due to the impact of public health events in 2020, which leads to the unusual market situation in the year, then the star product bisphenol-A from its fundamental point of view, the tight balance of supply is indeed a constant throughout the whole process.

    In 2020, the production capacity of bisphenol A and its downstream industries will increase at the same time.

    It is equivalent to the monthly output of a set of 230000 tons of bisphenol a unit. However, only 50000 tons of domestic bisphenol a production capacity was put into normal operation in this year. In addition, 2020 is the year of global plant maintenance, and LG unexpectedly shut down in early November, increasing the short-term market supply situation.

    The impact of the epidemic on the chemical industry in 2020 can be said to be huge. Under the heavy pressure, chemical enterprises will either fall in line with the trend or quietly hibernate, waiting for the opportunity to turn around.

    In the second half of the year, the epidemic situation improved, and the promotion of downstream construction projects, home furnishings, wind power industry, new and old infrastructure, etc. all made the chemical industry see the "dawn", and began to plan for price increases.

     In addition, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other major chemical industry provinces have continued to shut down or rectify chemical enterprises in recent years. At the end of the year, large factories were shut down for maintenance and accidents occurred frequently, resulting in less than 50% of the actual operating rate of some industries and serious shortage of market supply, which broke the balance of supply and demand.

   Under the effect of multiple factors, it is expected that the price of chemical raw materials will continue to rise in the future, and then spread to downstream chemicals, and even more crazy situation will appear.

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